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"Rapunzel, Rapunzel..."

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair..."

I always loved stories and fables when I was younger. This piece, Rapunzel I painted a few years ago and came across it the other day. I did several different tales with this same approach, the woods and the main character. This piece and Red Riding Hood were some of my favorite. I created Rapunzel on cold press illustration board with watercolor and ink. These creations I did in the fall, inspired by the trees and the shorter days. The trees give a mysterious look and the hair is brilliant set against the dark, foreboding colors in the forest.

Rapunzel was one of the illustrations that always was a little inspiration to carry on and do something with drawing in my life.

This illustration is for sale. Price available upon request.


Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble....Halloween Crafts

Messy office!

Some of my pumpkins.


Start of bunting.

I love this time of year and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I have been working on some new crafts for halloween and I will post them as I go. I have started a really cool bunting I plan to hang over my fireplace with some vintage inspirations. Here are a few images of crafts getting started.

What have you been decorating with or making?


Custom Pet Portraits Available

Pomeranian Portrait up close.

Pet series.

Everyone has a little furry or a big furry friend in their life (or maybe 2,3,4....)! Who doesn't love a sweet smile from a pet and that big heart they all have. Capture the love of your life on a sweet, small 6 x 6 canvas with a wide edge that looks awesome hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf. This has been a popular size for wall art. They also make wonderful gifts! The holidays are coming...

Custom pet portrait with any color of background $ 20.00
Multiple canvas pricing available upon request.


Everyone Has a Story to Tell- The International Storytelling Festival

Storytelling is an awesome art form. It is gaining momentum through out the country with organizations, events, and educational activities. Teachers, healthcare workers, therapists, corporate executives, librarians, spiritual leaders, parents, and others regularly make storytelling a vibrant part of their everyday lives and work. Dr. Isbell also states that storytelling can make a difference in children's lives. Read her list below...
  • The period of 0-8 years of age is a critical time for oral language development
  • Stories told match children's level of understanding.
  • They provide a new way to learn how the world works.
  • Exposes them to stories from other cultures and different people.
  • Storytelling develops their visual imagery.
  • Provides opportunities to discuss moral and social issues.
  • Increase listening comprehension of stories.

The International Storytelling Festival is coming to Jonesborough, TN for it's annual event, October 1-3. It is a great time with lots of visual arts and storytelling. This event has been going on for 38 years and is one of the top 100 events to attend in North America. Not to mention, it's so close to Knoxville, TN! If you want more information on this event, read about it here.

The image is of a book called Everyone Has a Story to Tell, by Rebecca Isbell and Marilyn Buchanan. This is a great children's books with some wonderful illustrations by William B. Bledsoe, who is a talented illustrator with many known works of art. The story captures a child's journey through the festival and demonstrates the amazing power of storytelling to children.

Dr. Isbell, one of the writers of the book is an advocate in early childhood education and literacy. I found this great project on her website that I think Caleb would enjoy. It's so simple too.

Rolling Photos
Idea for Infants / Toddlers (6-14 months)

large oatmeal container with lid
contact paper
photographs of each infant in the classroom and family members
pictures of people from magazines

Cover a large oatmeal containe rincluding the lid with contact paper.Using one container for each infant, securely tape photos of the infant, her family members, or magazine pictures of people to the container.This activity will encourage older infants to move to get to the pictures as they roll away.

For more information on Dr. Isbell, read here.



Close up of page.

"For this Child I have prayed."

I love scrapping, but I think I do more collage art than scrapping. It takes me forever to do a page because I think so much about the layout and everything that could possibly be glued or painted to that piece of paper. The process to me takes me back to that time and place and all those memories. Starting Caleb's book has been a process for me because I want everything to be just right and summing up so may thoughts and feelings for a small area sometimes is hard! Here is a sample of my recent work. Oh, and of course I have to mention that the fantastic photograph was taken by Anna Hedges Photography.


Christian Academy of Knoxville Office Art

Sheep near desk area.

Verse over chalkboard.

Close up of verse.

This is a recent job for a friend at Christian Academy of Knoxville. She wanted "The Lord is my Shepherd" and something to go along with the verse around her chalkboard and a couple of other small designs to match in her office.

I had not painted off a canvas in a couple of years, so I was wondering if I could still guess about how much time it would take and the amount of supplies I needed. I originally guessed 2 hours to complete the project from start to finish and it turned out being 2.5 hours. I was happy I was so close on my time estimate and use of materials. She was happy with the results. Here are a few pictures of the project.

Need custom art for your home or office? Contact me!


Ta Da!!!

This is my spot for all my latest and greatest creations, thoughts, ideas, dreams, observations and whatever else in life...a jumping off point for making a dream I have had for a long time a reality. I have wanted to sell some of my designs for a long time now and TA-DA, here is my chance. It make take awhile to get things going since raising a small fry and saving lives is what I do in the real world, but a least I can say I am finally organizing some of those thoughts.
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