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Lovely Lucite

Everything I love in one place. A distressed duck egg blue dresser,
mercury glass, candle, mirror...wait! Is that a lucite chair?
I love the smokey color.Image Source unknown.

I saw a lucite chair or also known as a ghost chair in a catalog the other day. It was in a nursery. Of course it was cute. Plastics are really not something I would think I could be into, but I do love these lovely examples below. Lucite is so fun! Maybe one of these will have a future with me someday...

Here's the history via Everything Simple...
Created by genius Philippe Starck, the ghost chair has turned out to be one of the most effective representations of American furniture art, showing a mix of both functionality and appearance. Due to their distinctive style, these ghost chairs have been widely regarded for their magnificence and elegance, having a remarkable amount of success ever since they were initially launched in the year 2002.

College drop-out and an Artist, Philippe Starck, initially started designing certain chair furnishings with round-cornered backs. This chair furniture line gained a lot of recognition and high-rating reviews. His masterpiece was acknowledged for its bold utilization of a single molded polycarbonate injection course, and not to mention his distinctive use of opaque or translucent colors. As Starck advanced as an artist, his creations evolved and improved as we, and he soon started creating a brand new line of polycarbonate acrylic chairs, otherwise known as ghost chairs.

A ghost chair is distinct due to its mixture of both creativity and sturdiness. The chairs are durable, stackable, and are great for both outdoor and indoor use, making them a terrific choice for nearly any kind of occasion and event. Apart from this versatility, they also express the designs of a true artist. Their rounded seats and medallion backs show the illusion of a contemporary baroque style. Actually, just a quick glance at one of these great furnishings may have your visitors wondering where they could buy such seats.

Ghost chairs are obtainable in a range of styles and hues. Elongated backrests, armless, and armrests are only a few of the style options. The most well-liked style and hue seems to be the translucent ones; nonetheless, they are also made available in a lot more colors equivalent to smoke grey, pale blue and shiny white. The translucent look definitely provides such chairs a ghostly and relaxing feel.

I like this style with the classic cane look. Image via Room Service Home.

Many Colors to choose from.

Classic Ghost Chair. Images from All Modern.

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