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My new toy came... Learning how to sew!

My new toy came! It is new Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine. Yes, heavy duty because I plan on sewing heavier fabrics like canvas, french ticking and grain sacks. Now I have to learn how to use it! Any class suggestions? Any fabric source suggestions? Here are some fabrics I am craving... I am going to need a warehouse for all of my craft stuff!

Doggy fabric for Family Room pillows.

Grain Sack for Living Room and Kitchen Table.

Lovely trims for something!


A British Invasion of Sorts...The Union Jack

Have you seen all the Union Jack designs lately? Is it because of these two below getting married? Americans love a royal wedding!

For whatever the reason, it is a great trend! I like how you can use it in the traditional form of red, white and blue or just use the form of the flag itself and use new colors. Here are a few of my favorite uses of Union Jack.

For sale on ETSY, here.

I know most of these are pillows, but what an easy way to work a new trend in. Here is a Union Jack in a room.

Image from Holly Mathis Interiors.


Oh, for the love of Polyvore and Pinterest!

Pinterest and Polyvore are addicting!

I found Polyvore because I was asked by a good friend to help give her some ideas for her nursery. I am honored she asked and excited to help. I was thinking, "How am I going to show her any ideas I have?" Polyvore to the rescue! You just click on the wonderful icon "Clip to Polyvore" and there it is. So simple. I decided to practice and make one for my current project, Caleb's new bathroom. Here are my ideas. I already have the artwork! It is by John W. Golden. You can get the art straight from the artist at ETSY here. It is the same art at Land of Nod, but sold straight from the artist in multiple sizes!
You can check out every source in this inspiration board at Polyvore, here.


The Emporium at Kudzu Originals is Open!

I love this. I have made several.

emporium [ɛmˈpɔːrɪəm]
n pl -riums, -ria [-rɪə]
(Business / Commerce) a large retail shop offering for sale a wide variety of merchandise
[from Latin, from Greek emporion, from emporos merchant, from poros a journey]

The Emporium at Kudzu Originals is now open on ETSY! It has a been a journey getting there. Organizing my things, my thoughts and defining my style. Hence the name emporium, a JOURNEY with a WIDE variety of merchandise. Since my long hiatus from blogging, I have really tried to define what I love and what makes me happy. ( And strangely, a few graphic projects along the way!) I read a lot of other blogs and ripped images out of magazines. I love art, photography and interiors. I love old things. I love personalized items and monograms. I love handmade. I love making something from scratch. I must really like the color red and and blue. I love old furniture, french style and industrial. I love paint just out of the tube. I love Caleb's selection of crayon choices. I am learning how to LIVE with what I LOVE and make it all work together. The start of my ETSY store is a small sampling of what I like and hope you like too. Something small to add to your home or to give as a meaningful gift. And I guess if I do what I LOVE, then I will LOVE what I do!
The JOURNEY begins!

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