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Here's to 2011..and some artistic resolutions!

Caleb's hand ornament.

I am itching to get a clean slate. To make some lists and start over new! This time of year it is like a fever hits and I want to get organized. I want my home to look like a picture out of that catalog. Oh wait! I have a one year old, two dogs, a new cat and a husband ( not in order of importance I might add!) And of course a ZILLION ideas to get started on. To make, to create! I am excited what the year will bring. And since I am lagging WAY behind, I thought I would post this super easy and fun piece to make with a family. And yes, that ETSY store will be coming soon. I just pulled out all my originals because I am going to have to part with some things. I can not hang art on every square inch of space of the wall as much as I would like to.

Hand print ornaments:

4 pack of clear glass balls ( Michaels)
1 spool of ribbon any color
White paint pen fine tip
Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint
Foam paintbrush 1 inch

Since Caleb was 11 months old and he would rather put his hand covered in the green paint anywhere but the ornament, I enlisted Nathan's help. Do not sweat it if it does not come out perfect. That is the beauty of it. Use a heavy coat of paint on the hand and stick it on. Any mistakes come off with nail polish remover. After it dries use the white paint pen to design some snowflakes around the hand. I also put the date on the front and the person's name on the back. For example, To: Grandpa and Grandma From: Caleb. It dries quick.

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